Through the eyes of cats

Tonight I thought I’d do something fun and a little different, I’m going to take ordinary things we see everyday and give you an idea how a cat see them. I hope you enjoy.


An egg:

1. An object that rolls, breaks easily and annoys people if they step on a broken one, in other words the perfect toy.

2. A kind of food that is good fun boiled, make sure to want one right out of the water, this way the human preparing it will act funny.


A cellphone:

An object humans obsess over, it is also fun to rub against and to sleep on.


A glass of water:

Something to drink out of, either by sticking your younger and head into, or by dipping your paw in before licking the water off said paw.


A dinner roll:

A fun toy that squishes while you play with it. It is also fun to chomp down on before you send it sailing down a flight of stairs.


A pen:

 A long object that humans play with that is wonderful for biting and whacking across the room. For some reason humans dislike cats joining in this game.


A shoe:

A wonderful toy that has strings that just beg to be pounced on. Humans wear these on their feet, which makes them smell, but the laces are too inviting to ignore. If one of these is found off of a foot, it can provide hours of fun.


I hope you enjoyed these, I enjoyed writing them. Let me know if you’d like to see more of these.

Thanks for reading!


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