Ask a human, week four

Agent 028 here, I’m about to question the human known as Colin, a.k.a. Mageowl, he’s been good at evading questions before, tonight I hope to trick him…


Colin, where were you ten hours from now?

 Huh? You mean where was I? Or where will I be?


Just answer the question!

How can I answer it if you won’t tell me just what you are asking?’


Very well… I see I’ll have to get rough with you!’

 Hey! Get your tail out of my face!


Now maybe you’ll tell me just why you were trying to sleep last night when I wanted my ear scratched?

 Because it was the middle of the night?


A ha! So you admit it! You admit to sleeping at night?

 Sure, nearly everyone does, you do too, Agent 028.


That doesn’t matter, I’m better than anyone else… dang it, here comes Wild Buffalo Betty! I’ve got to run!

 Huh? Why do you alway run away when she comes around?


Hi y’all, Hi colin. Agent 028 left? That’s probably because he owes me a mouse.

He owes you a mouse? Did he go rustling on your mouse ranch?


Ah thought it was ask a human day, not ask a cat night!

 You’re right, go ahead and ask me a question.


Am ah a pretty kitty? Aren’t ah cute? Don’t ya want to give me some catnip?

 Sigh, I know the real reason you came, Wild Buffalo Betty, you want catnip. Oh alright, let’s get you some catnip. Too bad Agent 028 left, he could have finished this post, I’ll have to come back later…



 Agent 028 here, my plot worked perfectly, I now know the secret location where the catnip is hidden. Wild Buffalo Betty played her part purrfectly, Tomorrow night, Operation Catnip Plunder goes into effect.

 Agent 028 over and out.

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