Working on a laptop

I’m working on getting an old laptop up to date. It’s new to me, It’s an old Dell Inspiron, it’s not very fast, but it’ll be perfect for what I need it for. Next time I blog I just might be doing it on my laptop.
Working on this laptop has made me try to answer a few questions that everyone finds themselves asking:

Do I need an office program? Do I need an email client? What browser should I install? Do I need any games?

These and other questions I’ve been trying to decide on tonight. So far, I have had a hard time answering any of them. I know that I could use an office program from time to time, but do I really need one right now? These are the questions I have been faced with tonight.
I finally decided on Firefox for my browser. I’m considering trying out an email client, but I haven’t quite made up my mind.
I most likely will download an office program at some point, that might not be for a week or so.
I already have an iPad, so why would I want play games on a laptop? I might play minesweeper once or twice, sat while I’m downloading a program or something, but other than that…

I know that will take me several days to get my laptop to where I want it, but it’s a fun journey.
I enjoy the challenge of setting up a new computer to my own specifications, how about you? I’m curious, what programs do you have to have on your computer?

Thanks for reading this, I hope that I haven’t bored too many people I in the NSA with this post.

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