How to surrvive a time travel accident, part 2

Last week we explored how to survive being trapped in the middle ages, both during a battle or during peace time.

This week we’ll be looking at a few other options that you should consider, while they could potentially be used during any time period you might find yourself trapped in, you will have to adapt them a bit, however with a little luck and commonsense, you’ll be able to take these following ideas and save your own skin should it become necessary.


While having a talent is always helpful in making a living in a strange time, you shouldn’t forget about becoming an ‘inventor’. While most of us would be hard pressed to invent anything worthwhile in our own time, if you were to find yourself trapped even a hundred years ago and in need of money, you would be capable of taking something we use today and bringing it to market in a surprisingly short period of time if you just do a little research today.

What would work you may be asking yourself right now, let’s take flashlights for an example, now while flashlights have been around for a long time, how much money do you think you could make if you were to invent it just days after Tomas Edison patented the light bulb?

Of course you should first have an idea about batteries to power your flashlight, I refer you to the Wikipedia page about batteries:

But what if you aren’t lucky enough to be trapped during a time such as that? You can find many other inventions that would bring you fame and fortune in other eras, all you have to do is use your imagination and see what you come up with.

One word of warning: Never ‘invent’ something that has no use for the people of the time you’re stuck in… what would Caesar do with a telephone? What would King Arther do with a can opener? What would Lincoln do with radio? These are the questions that you must ask yourself before ‘inventing’ anything in another time.


Now let’s imagine that you’ve found yourself stranded in ancient Rome, you’ve got an unprecedented opportunity to make a living, you could serve in the Roman Legion, you could invent steel, you could even take your knowledge of history to predict when a war would break out. Inventing the Crossbow would also be a nice feather in your cap.

My favorite idea, however, would be if you could arrange to be in Rome the day Julius Caesar was killed, this would be a perfect day to gain power and wealth if you do everything just right. First of all you need to make sure that you’re prepared to intervene just as Caesar is attacked, if you could take out even one or two of the murderers and give Caesar a chance to defend himself, if he survived you would instantly become a great ally of Caesar and undoubtedly be given rank, wealth and privilege.

Yes, some of you might choose to ally yourselves with the murderers of Caesar, but think for a moment, do you really want to be allied with backstabbing murderers? Do you really think that they would spare you the time of day? Besides, Caesar might have died that day, but his family ruled Rome for generations afterwards.


While I used Caesar for this example, there are countless other example throughout history that could be turned to your advantage if you manage to arrive at the correct time, which while not all that likely, is still a possibility.


Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll be with us next time when we look at a few more ways that you could survive a time travel accident.

Please feel free to leave any comments below.

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