How to destroy classic movies: Gone With the Wind, take three

It’s Friday night and that means we’re going to remake yet another classic movie.
Remember each remaining Friday in May I’ll show you another way that Gone With the Wind could be remade.
Last week we remade it using five key parts of the plot and adding in a tornado, tonight we’ll be doing something entirely different.
Let’s get started.

The plot:

The basics of the plot we need to remember for our remake:

1: The main actress is named Scarlet and her romantic counter in Rhett Butler.
2: The one phrase Scarlet says that everyone remembers is in the scene where she is standing on a hill saying “As god is my witness, I’ll never go hungry again.”
3: Rhett’s most memorable phrase is “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”
4: The burning of Atlanta.
5: Civil War.

Our movie:

Tonight we’re going to add a sci fi aspect to Gone With The Wind.
First off we need to slightly change the title, all we’re going to do is add the word Solar to the title, which makes it Gone With The Solar Wind.
Our movie takes place in the not too near future, Mars has been terraformed, but most humans still live in domes, which are typically referred to a ‘Forts’.
The Earth Union has imposed new taxes and restrictions on Mars residents. Mars rebels, forms the Martian Confederation.
War breaks out, and we’re suddenly interdicted to the Venusian Federation, which has declared its neutrality… and it uses it’s smuggling prowess to the best of its ability, all while plotting to take control of the solar system after the war between Earth and Mars is over. We’re also introduced to Rhett, smuggler and spy, butler by day, smuggler by night.
Shortly afterwards, we meet Scarlet, ‘Sandy’ to her friends. She’s the daughter of a farmer of a Martian plant that is used as a drug by the masses on Earth. She lives on her family’s plantation just outside Fort Atlanta. Smuggler Rhett is a frequent visitor and buyer of the plantation crop.
We should be treated to at least one and hopefully multiple scenes were Rhett is piloting a small smuggling ship through enemy lines, maybe even getting in to a firefight with Earth Union ships.
One day while Scarlet is shopping in Fort Atlanta, Earth launches an orbital attack, penetrating the defenses of Fort Atlanta, causing explosions and fires.
The orbital attack tears a hole through the new atmosphere of Mars, threatening the survival of everyone on Mars.
Scarlet somehow survived the burning of Atlanta, returns to her home, where Rhett is picking up another shipment… and dropping off a load of weapons for the rebels.
Scarlet gets in to an argument with Rhett about his callousness about the damaged atmosphere of Mars, he ends the argument by saying his famous line, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”.
In a fit of rage, Scarlet shoots Rhett… Or tries to, it turns out her gun is empty, Scarlet declares to her father “As Rhett is my witness, I’ll never go without ammo again!”
Seeing the writing in the stars, Mars puts all of its efforts into building a colony ship and abandons Mars, setting out to discover a new planet to settle on, leaving the message on the now vacant buildings, the message stats that “Mars will rise again!”
As the Martian Confederation is out of the way, the Venusian Federation launches there attempt to invade Earth.
Fade to black.

Now I’m well aware that there are a few loose ends, but I’m just going to let your imagination settle those.
Also it goes without saying that there would be epic space battles between scenes.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this take on rewriting Gone With The Wind, I had fun writing it.
I apologize for any typos.
Please leave your thoughts below.

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