R.I.P Victor Pemberton

Victor Pemberton, who wrote several episodes of Doctor Who and even appeared in the episode 'The Moonbase' has died, he was 85.
He wrote Tomb of the Cybermen and invented the iconic Sonic Screwdriver in the episode 'Fury of the Deep'.

Fair well, Victor Pemberton, you will be missed, but your legacy will live on in all Sonic Screwdrivers.


Ask a human #7

Welcome y'all, Ah'm Wild Buffalo Betty and it's time to ask a human a few questions. Now ah don't know about y'all, but ah was havin' a mite o' trouble remembering how many weeks Agent 028 and ah have been doing this, so ah took the liberty o' renaming it to number o' posts.
This week ah have Colin answering these questions.

Thank ya fur joining me, Colin, are you ready to answer a few questions?
Hi Betty! I'm glad to be here! I'm more than ready, I'm eager! How are we doing it this week?

Ah'm glad you asked that, Colin! Ah was going to have ya give me the answers before I asked the questions, but that might be confusing.
So what else is new? This post can be anything! My first answer is twenty seven!

How many mice do you want in your slippers overnight?
Maybe this wasn't a good way to do it after all. A dozen books worth is my second answer.

For mah second question, how many more moths do you want?
Okay… next answer… only what you like.

Oh good! Er… ah mean… what's for dinner tonight?
Hey! That one worked nicely! Next answer… a few hours of reading.

What would you happily give up to pet me?
I have a feeling you're making up these questions after I give you my answer. Shakespeare.

How do you scare away a drunk dragon?
I see what you did there, Wild Buffalo Betty! Nice one.

In two words, tell me what you thought of the last mouse ah caught.
I still think you're cheating, Betty. Only green.

What color should catnip be?
Why does it always come down to catnip for you, Betty?

Yes, please! Right now if you please.
I answered right into that one, didn't I? Okay, Betty. I'll go get the catnip while you finish this post.

Thank ya for joining me tonight, Colin! Make sure the catnip is fresh!
Ah want to thank everyone for reading this tonight. Now don't tell Colin, but Agent 028 and I have something new planned for next week!
Good night, y'all!

Ask a cat, week twenty nine

It's time for another ask the Cat post! Joining me tonight is that sweetheart of cats, Wild Buffalo Betty! Thanks for joining me tonight, Betty!
You're welcome, Colin, Ah hope you brought plenty of catnip!"

Plenty for most cats, however you really enjoy it, so we'll have to wait and see.
Do we have to wait very long?

You have to wait until this post is finished, Betty, don't get impatient.
Thanks for the questions, Colin! Ah enjoyed this post! Goodnight everyone!

Not so fast, Wild Buffalo Betty! You haven't answered any questions yet!
Are you sure? Ah think Ah must have!

I'm sure, Betty, I keep track. For your first question: do you prefer catnip or mice?
Ah like mah mice made of catnip. Ah like either of them separate sure, but combine them and its even better!

Good choice, I'm sure most people reading this post would agree that catnip mice are easier to deal with. Are catnip mice what you have on your mouse ranch?
Oh no! Ah have all sorts of mice on my ranch! Ah raise racing mice mostly.

Racing mice?
Sure! Ah hate the easy to catch ones, so Ah raise ones that are faster and harder to catch.

Is that why you and Agent 028 spend o much time hunting under cabinets?
A'yup! These mice here ain't ordinary mice, these are champions!

Okay… I don't know about the readers, but I've had enough mouse talk tonight. Moving on, I'm sure many people are wondering just how many naps you take in a day.
All of them, Colin, all of them.

Great answer, Betty! Great answer!
Why, what other kind of answer is there? Ain't ah a pretty kitty?

Yes you are Betty. Now what do you think about the political situation?
Ah think Ah might have to issue stronger sanctions if'en you don't tell me this post is about finished.

Just what kind of sanctions?
Right now, ah'm easy going, Ah'll just keep your feet hot tonight, if Ah issue stronger sanctions, Ah'll add a few claws at the moment you doze off.

Well there you have it, folks! Wild Buffalo Betty has answered all my questions tonight! Any parting words for our readers, Betty?
Yes… in those immortal words, give me catnip or scratch mah ear! Ah'm sure ah'll be back in a few posts, hopefully ah'll be answering better questions!

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions you'd like to have asked to a cat, just leave them in the comments,

Ask a human, week six

Agent 028 here, unfortunately I seem to have been roped into another of these ask a human posts, I don't know how he does it, but Colin keeps convincing to to help him out on his blog… I guess it must be because everyone likes my style. Here's Colin!

Thanks for joining us, Colin.
Thanks for having me, Agent 028, I'm happy to be here!

You're a few minutes late tonight, I guess your arms must be tired!
Wha… oh no… not more of your humor!

Yup, because you flew in tonight!
Oh gee… I've got to run, I'm allergic to jokes tonight.

Then you'd better make like a tree and bark!
I think you mixed up a few jokes there, Agent 028. It's make like a tree and leave.

No! Trees have bark, so you should bark!
Okay… arf arf… satisfied?

Not really, but such is the life of a secret… er… cat. Now I'm not saying the town I used to live in was small, but if you took a step, you'd be in the next county!
Really? So what's your question for me?

Oh, right… questions… how many cans of cat food can a human open in an hour?
I'm not sure, but probably not enough to satisfy you if you don't like what's inside them.

Did you hear what happened when the glue plant had an accident?
No, what happened?

The manager tried to keep everyone's lips shut!
Bah dah bing!

So Colin, do you know where Wild Buffalo Betty is going on her vacation?
I didn't even know she was going on vacation! Where is she going?

Oh don't worry, I'll ask her myself.

Very funny. Did you hear about the trouble with certain types of seafood?
No, what happened?

I'm not quite sure, but I've heard no one is talking about it, they have all clammed up.
Now that's worthy of a groan! I thought I was supposed to get questions to answer?

Shut up, I'm on a roll! Did you hear about the baker who moved next to an old dairy? I know this is going to sound cheesy, but the dairy maid buttered him up!
Uh… Agent 028?

Not now! Can't you hear I'm dong great?
I think this post is long enough, you'll have to come back another time if you want to tell more jokes.

Right! I see by the clock that it's time to end this post, no post will ever drag on too long, not on my watch! Ha! Got in another one!
Seriously folks, thanks for reading, Colin will be back again with new posts in a day or so… good, his back is turned! I'll be back tomorrow with more jokes!

Ask a cat, week twenty eight

As last weeks post was… lost, I'm reusing the number, tonight I'm here with Agent 028, let's see if he knows what happened to last week's post.

Agent 028, thank you for joining me tonight!
Uh… sure… you're welcome. I don't have long, I've got to… um… go do something soon.

Really? I guess you won't have time for catnip after these few questions then.
Well… I might be able to make a few moments.

We'd better get busy. Do you know what happened to last week's Ask a Cat post?
It was reblogged a thousand times? It won a prize?

It vanished, Agent 028… do you know how that happened?
Russian hackers?

Try again.
Siamese hackers? Parrot crackers?

I don't think so, Agent 028, I think the culprit was closer than that… maybe even in this room.
It was that dog that snuck in! I got rid of him, but he was here unguarded for over a minute! I bet he did it!

There was a aw print on my screen and it was a cat's paw.
Wild Buffalo Betty! I bet she did it while chasing a mouse!

Nah, she's too sweet, I'm sure she wouldn't have done it. Wat were you doing when the post was lost?
Me? Me? Let me think… oh es, I was chasing a cat, it was a cat employed by my arch foe, F.E.R.A.L

Just what does that stand for?
F.E.R.A.L. It stands for Felines Engaged in Revolutionary Actions Live..

I think we'd better move on. What do you think of the weather lately?
I've enjoyed it, it's my favorite kind of weather right now… oh, look at the time, I've got to run!

Agent 028! What about your catnip?

Well he's gone, so it's up to me to end this post.
Thanks for reading and I hope that I'll have a few better questions net week.

Apology from Wild Buffalo Betty

Ah'd like to offer an apology for the lack o' an Ask the Cat post this week, it's not my fault, it's Agent 028, he wanted to do somethin' of this here ipad, said he knew what he was doin'… Colin wasn't around and ah thought it would be okay.
Ah thought he wanted to go lookin' at cat food or fancy catnip. Ah'm not sure what he did, but he was on some site that read top secret, ah'm not sure what is so secret about a top, a've seen plenty o' them.
After Agent 028 saw me glancing over his tail, he quickly exited it and said he was going to 'delete the browsing history'. Well, that ain't what happened, he deleted last night's post instead.
Once again, ah'm sorry about the lack o' that post, it was a great one too.

This is Wild Buffalo Betty sayin' move 'em up an move 'em out!

Ask a human, week five

Hi. Y’all, Wild Buffalo Betty here! Ah’m back to ask Colin a few more questions this week, hope y’all enjoy!


Hi ya Colin, ready to answer a few questions?

 If I have to… you aren’t going to do this game show style again, are you?


Not this week, maybe next week. Instead I’ll just ask you a few random questions, you give me some random answers and we’ll hope that they match up, okay?

 Sounds good, Betty!


When did the war of 1812 happen?

 When the first man landed on the moon.


How many mice do Ah have in my mouse ranch?

Less than fifteen thousand!


How many times do Ah ask for someone to rub my belly in one afternoon?

4,025 canidates  and 2,335 confirmed I believe.


How soon until Ah get catnip?

 365 days! And a half!


That’s too long! Try again!

Sixty seconds?


Sounds good! You go get it out and Ah’ll finish up here!

 You fooled me again, Wild Buffalo Betty!  Oh well, next time I’ll be wise to your tricks! Now give everyone reading a nice send off while I dig it out.


Thanks for reading this, y’all! Ah’m glad you could see just how easy it is for me to git catnip… Ah wonder if Colin would consider doing this every day?

Ask a cat, week twenty seven, part two

Thanks for joining me again tonight. Yes, this post was supposed to be made last night, however things changed. Anyway the catnip is hidden, Agent 028 is somewhere else, probably saving the world and Wild Buffalo Betty is here to answer a few questions as only she can.


Thank you for agreeing to come back and answer a few questions tonight, Betty.

 Sure thing, ah'm happy to oblige… there will be catnip when this is over, right?'


First question of the night1 Have you ever read Game of Thrones?

 No, ah'm not into bathroom humor.  What about the catnip?


Okay… next question… what is your favorite book?

 That's. Easy! To catch a mocking bird! I love that title!


Really? What else do you like about the book?

Ah'm not sure… it is a cookin' book, ain't it?


No, Betty… it's not a cook book, it's a book about… well I don't have the time or space to go into. It here.

 That's okay, Colin. Ah still like the title.


I'm sure many people are wondering how your mouse ranch is going.

It's goin' fine! Ah just installed carpet! Mouse to mouse carpet!


When did you buy a car?



You said you got a car as a pet.

Carpet… car pet…. yee gads! Are you trying to be funny? Ah'm out of here!


Wait, Wild Buffalo Betty! Don't you want catnip?

 Dang it! Ah do want catnip… but ah ain't answering any more o' your questions!


I guess that's it for tonight. I want to thank Wild Buffalo Betty for answering those questions tonight.

 I hope you enjoyed this post, thank you for reading!

R.I.P. Deborah Watling

The actress Deborah Watling has died, she was 69.
While best known for her role on Doctor Who, she was also in several other tv shows, including The Invisible Man tv show. She was also active in theater productions.

While not many of the episodes of her appearances on Doctor Who remain, she will forever be remembered for her role as Victoria Waterfield in Doctor Who,

Deborah Watling, you will be missed.

Ask a cat, week twenty seven

It’s that time of the week again, time to ask a cat some questions! I have a few good questions this week, hopefully I’ll get a chance to ask them, but wth these cats, they know how to change the topic. I hope you enjoy!


Agent 028? Where’s Wild Buffalo Betty? I thought you were both going to be here tonight?

 We were, but I’m here early, I’m retired now.


You’re retired? You gave up being a secret agent?

 No… not that i ever was one.


Than why did you say you’re retired?

Well, I was tired yesterday, I slept for maybe eighteen hours or so, then I spent all day hunting and playing, now I’m tired again, so I’m retired.


Oh, I see… you’re pulling your bad comedian act on my blog again!

 Thank you very much, ladies and germs!


“I think we should change topics now, Agent 028.

 I almost flew in today, but I didn’t have any wings! I ate them!


Agent 0281 How do you disarm a mouse?

You take away his guns! Har har!


Are you finally ready to be serious?

Not yet! Why did the chicken cross the road?


To get to the other side?

To get away from a hungry cat!


That’s not even funny.

It is if you’re a cat! Now how many….


Oh gee, look at the time! It’s time for catnip!

Cat nip? Catnip? Yes! Did yah say catnip? Am ah in time?


Wild Buffalo Betty! You’re too lat tonight, would you mind doing this tomorrow?

 Only if’en ah get catnip both nights!


Deal! Just don’t try to crack any jokes tomorrow night, okay?

Ah only crack eggs.


Thank you for reading this tonight, I’m sorry it didn’t go quite the way I expected it to. Tomorrow night I’ll have Wild Buffalo Betty and she’ll be answering a few questions on her own. Goodnight everyone!