Jokes for May 6th

Wednesday night again, where is the week going? Are you ready for some funny jokes? What about some slightly humorous puns, riddles and other jokes? Hopeful these will be more than modestly funny, no matter what I promise you that you doughnut want to miss these!



A baker bought a circus on a lark. After spending several months changing the acts and substituting other chefs for the performers, he opened to the public, declaring “doughnut miss it!”
A baker was blackmailed by a bank robber. The bank robber wanted the baker to rob a bank for him. The baker pretended to go along with the plan even as he informed the police. When the bank robber was arrested, he asked the baker why he went to the cops, the baker replied “I like dough as much as anyone, but I doughnut want to go to jail.”

When the jockey ate a pastry before every race, people began to say he was a dough nut.
When the startup needed cash to expand, it turned to someone who knew about cash, a doughnut.
When the bakery ran out a key ingredient, they had to substitute cola before the cooked the doughnuts, when a customer asked why the doughnuts tasted odd, the baker replied that they used a new kind of baking soda.

Why did the banker start a bakery?
He was a doughnut.

hat did the almond become when it fell in to a vat of batter?
A doughnut.

What type of golf course holes do bakers enjoy?
Doughnut holes.

Failed joke:
It never fails, at least one joke that should work doesn’t, still I’ll let you read it, maybe you can fix it, if so post it in the comments.

When the software company merged with the bakery, they developed doughnuts that could record data like CDs, they called them Cdoughnuts.


I hope you’ve enjoyed these jokes tonight. Thanks for reading!

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